FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the project ready
2 What is included in the project
3 How many copies of the project consists of
4 What is the price of projects
5 How is payment for the project
6 What is the duration of the contract
7 What are the shipping costs of the project?
8 How many projects are on offer
9 Do you offer are free-standing projects garages, sheds or pavilions commercial
10 Are the projects are available in different versions: with or without podpiwniczeniem in the mirror, etc.
11 What changes can be introduced in the project
12 What is the cost of building the house according to the selected project
13 Can you see the houses completed by the projects posted on the site
14 Where can I get answers to questions about a specific project
15 Can I return the ordered design
16 What documents are needed to start building a house
17 Why buy from us projects ready
18 Estimated costs of construction.

19 Safe shopping Dom.pl
20 The energy of the building.

What is the project finished?
The project is ready to architectural and construction project, the documentation is repeatedly reproduced. It is necessary to its adaptation to existing conditions.

What project?
Standard project usually consists of:
- Part of the architecture (including projections)
- The component
- Part of the installation (water, central heating, sewage, gas, electricity inside) This list of concerns for each project. Most of them have additional custom options, so you should see what the capabilities described in the project.

How many copies of the project consists of?
Set design documentation consists of 4 copies.

What is the price of projects?
The price is displayed for each selected project, and depends on the size of the selected home. Posted prices are always gross, ie include VAT.

How is the payment for the project?
The draft is sent for collection at the courier or postman. You can also prepay for your account.

What is the duration of the contract?
The project is sent to the customer within 7 working days of placing an order.

What are the shipping costs of the project?
The project is sent at our expense via the Polish Post. If the project is to provide the courier company to bear the cost of shipping the recipient - the transfer payment amounts to 25 zł, while the consignment fee is 38 zł pobraniowej.

How many projects are on offer
At this moment in our database there are over 10 000 projects. However, this number is constantly growing with new projects following the architectural, with which we begin work.

Do you offer are free-standing projects garages, sheds or pavilions business?
Yes, we offer homes in addition to the projects you will also find ready-made designs of garages, farm buildings, commercial pavilions, as well as holiday cottages.

Are the projects are available in different versions: with or without podpiwniczeniem in the mirror, etc.?
All of the projects sold by us are available in one version shown on the site. Most of them are available in a mirror - this information is located on the project. Any change in the project should be introduced in the adaptation.

What changes can be introduced in the project?
without the permission of the author can make the changes in the
- Adaptation of the foundations of the geotechnical conditions
- Podpiwniczenia or cancel podpiwniczenia
- Changes in technology implementation
home Other changes require the written consent of the author of the project. Permission is usually granted free of charge and individually.

What is the cost of building the house according to the chosen project?
Approximate construction costs are presented with some projects. In some cases, it is possible to purchase together with the investor's project cost estimate. There is no possibility of purchasing the same estimate.

Can you see the houses completed by the projects posted on the site?
Due to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, we can not publish the addresses of houses completed by the projects are available on the site. However, the pictures are some of the implementation of the projects.

Where can I get answers to questions about a specific project?
You are welcome to use the option "Ask the" held for each project, or use the hotline number (022) 266 0 800, where our consultants will answer your questions.

Can I return the ordered project?
According to the law of the dn. March 2, 2000 Ro Consumer Protection, there is a possibility to return ordered at time of 10 days from receipt of the draft, without giving any reason.

What documents are needed to start building a house?
We invite you to become familiar with collections of documents produced by professionals, engineers and practitioners, sets of rules, laws, regulations, standards of construction contained on our website: Construction and the Law Finance and formalities , Step by Step , or the stairs to his own term accommodation

Why buy from us projects ready?

High quality papers

Professional and functional basis of projects posted on our site, help you choose from the wide range of projects approved by the architectural studio. We work with reputable companies design, focusing on his account made one thousand objects! By purchasing the project through the Site you may be sure that it complies with current regulations of construction law. Demonstrated by the high quality of design documentation and technical support.

Relevant information
Given the convenience of our customers do our best to have at hand information about the content you purchased the project, change the limit without the consent of the designer, and in some cases, receive a free mirror, that the draft has become the best adapted to the individual requirements.

wide selection
On our site is presented more than 10 000 projects! The database is still growing - keep introducing new designs further offices, with which we start work.

Easy Search
With this wide range of projects, houses, garages, sheds or summer houses, we have available functional search system because of the type of house size, the desire to have a fireplace, garage, basement or because of the width of the plot, which you have .

No commission
Price presented the projects is exactly as in the copyright office. We do not charge any additional fees.

compendium of knowledge
Readers have the opportunity to ask questions about a specific project. Answers to the most important of them are shown on the site next to the description of the project.

Estimated costs of construction

For every project we present the approximate construction costs.
Expected savings you can get when deciding to perform the work of the economic system and employment of construction crews only on the various stages of construction.
Should also remember that the cost of labor and materials depends on the region's Polish, which would you like to invest. When you purchase larger lots of building materials companies often offer free shuttle to the construction of the product - so you may want to look for wholesalers in the village? Let us, however, special attention to the quality of purchased materials. Savings during construction may end up spending niebywałymi already in the use of the building.

Safe shopping Dom.pl

Comfort shopping network already recognizes most of the dormitories. Time savings, choice, opportunity to learn the opinion of buyers and sellers of users makes the Internet almost everything we buy. How important is the security of transactions, each of us knows. We need to make sure that our personal data are safe, that the money reach the appropriate hands, and that the time to devote the necessary selection of goods will not be wasted.

1 Who are we?
Dom.pl company has existed for 8 years. At that time ugruntowali¶my a solid market position, we have experience in touch with clients and have developed a system of convenient and professional service. Company Headquarters is located in the center of Warsaw Street. Raven 16-22.

2 Conditions of purchase
On our site you will find clear information about the conditions of purchase, payment and delivery. Are also important data for the project and purchased content limit changes without the consent of the designer.

3 Principles of the contract
Within 1 business day after placing the order we confirm them, giving the possibility of any successful design verification and confirmation of the shipment. The customer is informed when the draft was sent and when the package should be to reach them. We are with you in constant touch

4 Safety and protection of personal data
Internet portal Dom.pl cares about the safety and confidentiality of data and their operation. Therefore, while using the service portal Dom.pl, the communication between your computer and our servers is protected by SSL. The introduction of this technology completely guarantee the secure exchange of information, protects the connection from outside interference and validate the computers communicating with each other.

Be in touch!
022 266-0-800

Energy Performance of Building

With effect from 1 January 2009, entered into force the provisions introducing the concept of energy performance for encouraging energy efficiency, at the design and implementation of the building. Construction Law stipulates that determine the characteristics of energy (magnitude of energy expressed in kWh/m2/rok necessary to meet the different needs associated with the use of the building) is required for buildings put into use, and buildings subject to disposal or leasing, and energy performance should be developed as an energy performance certificate for existing buildings (including a new oddawanego for example).

Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on detailed scope and form of construction project requires to put in the project the energy of the work, prepared in accordance with the provisions on the methodology of calculation of energy and building a dwelling or building which is part of the whole technical self-usable and how preparation and presentation of certificates of energy performance, with the exception of objects listed in Articles. Paragraph 20. 3 pt 2 of construction (ie:) projects of buildings of simple design, as single-family residential buildings, low buildings economic, and livestock components. This means that there is no need to attach the sheet at the time of applying for a building permit for such buildings.