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Are You looking for a finished project home? Great place to

1 High quality papers
Professional and functional basis of projects included in our portal, help you choose from a rich offer of projects approved by the architectural studio. We work with reputable companies design, focusing on his account made one thousand objects! By purchasing the project through Dom.pl you can rest assured that it is line with current regulations of construction law . Demonstrated by the high quality of design documentation and technical support.

2 Relevant information
Given the convenience of our customers do our best to have at hand information about the content you purchased the project, change the limit without the consent of the designer that the design has become the best adapted to the individual requirements.

3 Wide-range of over 11 000 projects
On our site is presented more than 11 000 projects! The database is still growing - keep introducing new designs further offices, with which we start work.

4 Easy Search
With such a wide range of projects, houses, garages, sheds or summer houses, we have available a functional search system because of the type of house size, the desire to have a fireplace, garage, basement or because the width of the plot, which you have.

5 Without commission
Price presented the projects is exactly as in the copyright office. We do not charge any additional fees

6 Compendium of knowledge
Our consultants are always at your disposal. So you can get answers to questions regarding a specific project, more details of the transaction, as well as help in choosing the right project. It is noteworthy that the columns of our portal, you can also find collections of texts, rules and laws, construction standards. all in one place

Dom.pl portal and database projects is prepared comprehensive response on the demand of building your dream house!