Definitions of parameters

1 Usable space
All surface area of a building, measured in light of the wall at a height of more than 1 m above the floor in accordance with standard PN-70/B-02365. In areas with a slant surface includes a fully where the height exceeds 2.2 m and in the middle where the elevation ranges from 1.4 to 2.2 m. Any basement is described separately.

2 Built-up area
Land surface (land) occupied by the building, according to PN-70/B-02365.

3 Cubic
The volume of the building, calculated in accordance with standard ISO-9836: 1997.

4 Minimum width of plot
The minimum width of a theoretical rectangular plots on which the house would stand, calculated on the basis of the law for a typical building environment. Before buying a project should be confirmed by the architect selected plots.

5 Building height
The vertical distance from the level assumed in the project area at the entrance to the level of the ridge or top of flat roof.

6 Number of rooms
Number of spaces for the residential functions (including a living room, cabinet, etc.).

7 Roof angle
The angle of slope (degrees) an essential part of the roof.